Preparing Your Home For Winter

Posted by Blanchard and Calhoun on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020 at 5:00am


Home in the Winter

It’s time to trade the flip flops for the boots, the swimsuit for the snowsuit, the pool for the fireplace- you get the idea; It’s also a time to prepare for the inevitable - winter. And even though it’s unlikely that a snow blizzard will occur here in the south, there are still some preparation tasks you will want to tackle before temperatures take a major dip.

Insulate Windows:  If you have drafty windows, it can be difficult to keep the cold out and the heat inside of your home; As a result, your power bill is likely to increase. Below are some affordable, quick fixes to insulate your windows and keep your home warmer this Winter.

  • Rope Caulk window seals: Rope Caulk, similar to Silly Putty, is used to fill in gaps and spaces in your window. To apply, press the caulk along the inside of the edges of the windows.  If you have a ground window or can reach it from the outside, use the Rope Caulk to seal the outside of the window, too, for extra insulation.

  • Cover window with Window film: This adhesive film works as an extra layer of pane to single and double pane windows. Window film kits can be found at most hardware stores and will include plastic shrink film with easy application instructions.

  • Hang up Thermal Curtains: Thermal curtains are made with thick fabric and back lining and are specially designed to keep the heat in and the cold out.  Thermal curtains come in a variety of styles and colors to complement any home decor.

Inspect Your Heating Service:  Don’t wait for it to get cold to discover your heating system is not working.  Once the cold weather hits, HVAC service providers will start to book up, and it could take days before someone can come out to service your heater.  Switch your thermostat from cool to heat; wait a few minutes- then check to see if there is any warm air blowing.  If there is no warm air coming from the vents, now is the time to schedule an appointment with your preferred HVAC professional. 

 FYI:  If you have a high-efficiency system, the PVC vent pipes may need to be cleared of obstructions.  Boiler systems should have their systems cleaned every year, and gas heating systems should have a cleaning every three years. 

Don’t Forget To Check Your Fireplace/Chimney: According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), homeowners should have a chimney cleaned and inspected once a year.  Hiring a professional cleaning service to sweep the chimney and remove flammable residue will ensure a safe and health hazard free fireplace.

DIY  Winter Proofing Your Home Projects:

Here is a list of small weatherproofing jobs that can make a real difference once winter hits.  These simple tasks could save you a lot of hassle and money too! 

  • Clean gutters and downspouts in mid-fall and double-check them before winter.

  • Replace the filter in your furnace.

  • Close any vents in your home that may have been opened for the warm weather.

  • Disconnect hoses from outside faucets and turn off the water.

  • Buy a snow shovel and other winter supplies before the messy weather hits.

  • Keep extra water and canned food in storage, just in case.

  • Test your heating system so that you know it will work properly when you need it.

  • Give your deck a fresh coat of sealer to protect it from the winter elements.

You are ready for Winter!  Enjoy.

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