Landscaping to Improve Curb Appeal: 5 Tips to Spruce Up Your Yard!

Posted by Blanchard and Calhoun on Tuesday, June 1st, 2021 at 4:12pm

Well Landscaped Yard

As a homeowner, you would probably love your home to be the highlight of the neighborhood, standing out in elegance to all people that pass by. The power of good curb appeal doesn't just lie in its ability to spark pride and joy. Investing in landscaping for curb appeal raises the value of your property while also increasing the chances of landing a sale should you decide to contact a real estate agent and put it on the market. Potential buyers are far more likely to visit a home that looks great on the outside. So here are five things you can do to increase the curb appeal of your property!

  1. Landscaping for curb appeal should include a feature.

If your yard was a dinner table, think of a landscape feature as the centerpiece. It's that one thing in your yard that will immediately add a touch of uniqueness. Landscape features could be anything! A birdbath, a little flowing creek, a sculpture, or even a well-designed archway. Think of it as a piece of art that could make for that one conversation starter for people visiting your home. 

  1. Don't shy away from putting plant life in your space.

Few things increase the diversity of beauty on a landscape more than vegetation. Shrubs and trees add dimension to what would otherwise be just a flat yard. Flower beds bring a burst of color to the compound. Additionally, plants create fresh air for the environment through the natural process of photosynthesis. That's two benefits in one! The thought of having to maintain multiple plants may seem daunting, but rest assured that plenty of the shrubs available in landscaping are fairly low maintenance. The most you will need to do is water them occasionally and trim them for neatness every few months. So take the plunge and bring some life and color to your property with flower beds and shrubbery!

  1. Add a little texture to your yard. 

If landscaping for curb appeal is an artistic endeavor, adding texture is an important part of its process. It creates a sense of depth and contrast on a surface, allowing the parts of your property that are well taken care of to stand out to anyone passing by. Brick or rock borders around flower beds, pebbles in specific areas, and even the mulch surrounding the plants in your flower bed all add to the texture of your yard. Texture breaks the monotony in appearance, making an area more appealing to the eye.

  1. Entice passers-by with a clear pathway.

When you see beautiful scenery, it is natural to want to take a stroll in it. It's more inviting to explore this scenery when there's a nice path going through it. This should be the feeling that your yard evokes with good curb appeal. A well-defined pathway through your property should be easy for landscapers to create, and you can make it even more attractive with elements such as concrete, paint, or bricks for texture. Allow the path to wind through your well-tended plants and landscape feature, or have it go straight through to the main attraction, which is your home!

  1. Let your home's exterior speak for itself.

Often, one of the most ignored aspects of good curb appeal is the house itself. We get so caught up in decorating the yard while the exterior of the home goes neglected. With a bit more effort, the exterior of your home could do wonders to complement the already existing landscaping to improve curb appeal. Clean up the walls with pressure washing, replace or repaint the front door to a color that complements the compound and highlight your windows with shutters. These are just a few of the things you can do to the outside of your home to truly kick up the curb appeal.

As a buyer in the market looking for a new home, or a homeowner preparing your house for sale, curb appeal is essential. Landscaping for curb appeal is all about giving your yard a little nudge in the right aesthetic direction. It's about taking steps to make your property's exterior complement the rest of the beautiful scenery. These five tips are a great place to start creating the kind of yard that turns heads and gets people talking!

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