How To Choose The Right Yard For Your Pet

Posted by Blanchard and Calhoun on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020 at 12:16pm

Pet Friendly Yard

When looking for a home that accommodates the entire household, take your sweet fur baby's needs into consideration too.  And If you are the seller, think about buyers with pets, knowing what benefits to promote could help with your sale. 

Pet-Friendly Yard Features to Consider:

Fencing: Opting for a fully fenced in backyard that will keep your pets at home and safe.  If the yard does not have a fence and you want to install one, check with HOA first to see if that is an option or if there are any restrictions.  If the home you are interested in does have a backyard, be sure to inspect the fence. Follow the fence around the yard and look for anywhere your pet could escape such as holes, gaps, or weak areas.  

Plants:  Did you know that some plants are very hazardous to pets?  To ensure that the yard is safe, consider inspecting the property with a landscaper. A landscaper or your vet can help identify which plants are toxic, then decide which plants and can be removed.  

Other Hazards: Consider all yard features, like pools and hot tubs, that could put your pet in danger. Pets that are not able to swim could be in a troubling situation if they are not properly supervised. Take into consideration any additional purchases you may need to make.  

Shade and Shelter:  If your pet will spend the majority of the time outside, shade is essential.   Look for a yard with large trees that will provide enough shade. If there are no trees, consider purchasing shade cloths, overhead tarps or a dog house.

Street Traffic:  Be sure to observe nearby traffic. Pet owners interested in buying a home on a busy street can keep pets safe by providing a fenced yard and/or a home further back from the road.

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