Do You Have Rental Properties? Let our Property Management Department Handle It.

Posted by Blanchard and Calhoun on Monday, April 18th, 2022 at 10:25am


Property Management Team at Blanchard & Calhoun

Owning rental property can be both financially rewarding and overwhelming. This is why hiring a property manager to handle your rental can be so beneficial. Not only does a property manager work hard to maximize your profit, but they also take care of your property and tenants. If you own a rental property and do not have the time (or patience) to market your property, search for qualifying renters, collect rent, handle maintenance and repair issues, responding to tenant complaints or even pursue evictions, hiring a property manager could be a great fit for you.   

“We work hard to bridge the relationship between tenant and homeowner, to advise the homeowners of their duties and to hold the tenants accountable for their responsibilities. We are also experienced in dealing with various situations that most homeowners will never face making us “seasoned” professionals.”- Brettney Cameron, Residential Property Management

Although some owners prefer to take the “do it yourself” approach, this only makes sense if you live close to the property, are a “handy” person, and have the time to devote yourself to properly manage each property. In reality, most people do not. Managing property requires a rather large commitment of time and effort. One of the other great things about working with a property manager are the connections PMs have with vendors.

“We normally have relationships with contractors that won't charge the owner an arm and a leg. For example, plumbing could be $45 on my end but $120 if the owner found someone.”

- Anthony Kennedy, Residential Property Owner.


At Blanchard and Calhoun, we offer outstanding single-family management services while providing excellent customer service. Our team of managers is experienced and knowledgeable on the market, rental rates, landlord/tenant laws, and real estate legislations to help property owners maintain their assets and increase the value of their property.


Single Family Property Management services:

  • Professional Leasing

  • Thorough Resident Screening

  • Maintenance Services

  • Property Inspections

  • Detailed Accounting Reports

  • Professional  Landlord/ Tenant Relationships

  • A Successful  Marketing Team

  • Rent Collections and Accounting

  • Market Data and Analysis

Our team at Blanchard and Calhoun has managed a large portfolio of both commercial and single-family homes. We have helped clients manage their first investment property to ownership of multiple investment properties and it would be our honor if we could do the same for you. If nothing else, hiring a property manager to ensure you’re getting the best rental rates from your tenants is a huge advantage! 

To speak with one of our property managers please give us a call at 706.722.7331.

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