Curb Appeal Matters… Here’s Why

Posted by Blanchard and Calhoun on Monday, September 23rd, 2019 at 8:55am

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What makes a property stand out compared to other properties in the neighborhood?  Curb Appeal!   It makes no difference if you’re a homebuyer or seller or a real estate investor, curb appeal matters.   A well maintained and inviting front yard will not only boost your selling price, but it will also help your property sell faster.   It’s a tried and true method that real estate professionals use to attract more potential clients to a property.

Here are a few ideas to enhance the curb appeal, without breaking the bank.

House Numbers:   Are the address numbers visibly appealing? Are they rusty and old? If the numbers need an update or aren’t easily visible, run to your nearest hardware store. Find medium-sized numbers that complement the style of your property but offer visibility for someone to find your home quickly.  Consider your potential buyers, the numbers should pop near the entrance so that they are easy to be seen but blend harmoniously in the background. Remember, you don’t want people to have a hard time finding your address. Additionally, it’s a quick and rather inexpensive way to offer a quick update. 

Mailbox:  A mailbox is one of the first things a prospective buyer sees when approaching the property.   If the mailbox outdated or in bad shape, replace it with one that blends in with the style of the home or neighborhood.  An even more budget-friendly idea? Consider repainting it to give it a fresh new look. 

Front Door:  Make your front door stand out rather than blend in.  Painting the front door is a pretty easy DIY job and cheaper than buying a new door.   Consider a bold color that enhances the other colors of your home exterior.   Take it a step further by installing a trendy door knocker. Additionally, take into consideration the surrounding areas such as your porch. Is the area clean and uncluttered? Could you add some greenery to add some curb appeal? Does it just need a quick cleaning? 

Lawn Care:  Lawn care is probably the most important and biggest part of maintaining curb appeal.  Regularly maintain the yard by mowing the grass, raking leaves, and pulling weeds. During the Spring months, consider planting flowers or shrubbery. If you don’t have a green thumb, hire a professional. It will make a difference. Adding greenery or landscaping can be an expensive item. However, by regularly maintaining your yard and keeping the area neat, you can avoid the added expense of hiring a professional.

Don’t let an overgrown lawn or dead plants be the reason a buyer skips your home. Adding a little TLC can go a long way! If you’re ready to list your home and need some additional strategies to get it sold quickly, contact one of our Blanchard and Calhoun real estate agents

Do you have any more insights on curb appeal?  Please share them with us in the comments section.

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