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Best Local Shops for Holiday Gifts

Can you believe it’s already the holiday season? With Christmas just a few weeks away, we’ve got some serious shopping to do! While you are out shopping and sleighin’ that Christmas wish list, be sure to shop locally! By making purchases from small independent businesses, you are making a positive impact on our community’s economy while finding unique one-of-a-kind gifts. If you are not sure where to find some of these great small businesses, don’t worry-we’ve got you covered. We asked our agents for their locally owned gift shop recommendations and their answers are listed below!

Agents Answers:

Vintage Southern Accents

Agent: Amanda Latham

Recommendation: Vintage Southern Accents


The Boardroom

Agent: Andrea Bryant

Recommendation: The Boardroom


Southern Willow Market & Pecan Row

Agent: Carol Duggan

Recommendations: Southern Willow Market and Pecan Row


Mish Mash & Soho

Agent: Diane Smith

Recommendations: Mish Mash and Soho

Pallet Trees

Agent: Janine Dube

Recommendation: Pallet Trees



Impressions of the South, Art on Broad & Aiken Office Supply
Agent: Jason McFadden

Recommendations: Impressions of the South, Art on Broad and Aiken Office Supply


Southern Willow Market & Swank

Agent: Jennifer Dixon

Recommendations: Southern Willow Market and Swank


Mema Had One

Agent: Matt Kelly

Recommendation: Mema Had One


La Bonbonniere

Agent: Nanda de Laurentys

Recommendations: Augusta & Co. and La BonBonniere


Agent: Pat Goodwin

Recommendation: Cudos2U


Augusta Candle Company

Agent: Sharon Quarles

Recommendation: Augusta Candle Company


Swank & Peppy Poppy

Agent: Sheila Griffin

Recommendations: Swank and Peppy Poppy



3 Chicks & Southern Willow Market

Agent: Sherry Sanders

Recommendations: 3 Chicks and Southern Willow Market




Encore Consignment

Agent: Louise Harris

Recommendation: Encore Boutique & Consignments

While you are out shopping, stop by one of these cozy local coffee and bakery shops. Below are 8 places to grab a Cup of Joe and a baked good.

8 Local Coffee Shops


For a list of more local gift shops click here.

Merry Christmas!



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