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Tucked alongside Downtown’s Riverwalk, is where you will find a crowd favorite - The Augusta Market. The Augusta Market operates March through November every Saturday morning, and it’s known as the hotspot for local vendors, street performers with quirky surprises and art around every corner. This market offers a broad selection of locally produced and grown goods, crafts, food trucks, and other products and services by small-businesses in the area. From adoption kennels to live music, there is something for everyone.

Meet John Weigle:

Weigle Wood Creations

 John, an Augusta native for over forty years, designs and makes charcuterie boards and wood turned pens and has been in the wood work business since 2018. In March, he set up a booth at the Augusta Market and his

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Happy Labor Day

This Labor Day, we’d like to honor all those workers who have contributed to society. Is that you? If so, take some time to relax and pamper yourself today. Or get out and find something fun to do! Need some ideas? Check out these fun ways to celebrate Labor Day from our suggestions listed below.

 Order In: Skip cooking this Labor Day (unless you just really enjoy cooking) and let your preferred delivery service pick up something from your favorite restaurant and bring it straight to you.

  • Augusta To Go

  • UberEats

  • GrubHub

  • DoorDash

  • Waitr

Yard Games: Play a game with family and friends. Take advantage of the last days of summer with some of these classic lawn games! 

  • Badminton

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For over 100 years, Blanchard and Calhoun Real Estate have been Augusta’s local market leader. While many factors play a part in our success, we recognize that a lot of our company’s strength comes directly from our real estate agent professionals. Our agents are real estate experts who work hard every day to help clients buy and/or sell property seamlessly. We are truly thankful for every single one of our agent’s outstanding services. While we believe all of our agents are exceptional, occasionally we like to show recognition to deserving REALTORS® and add them as a Vice President with our company.  

In August, B&C selected Emily Hadden and Sharon Quarles as Vice Presidents. Vice President agents of B&C are a source of knowledge and are known for

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Volunteering in Augusta GA

Volunteering as a family in not only a great way to contribute to the community, but it also teaches children job skills, responsibility and instills compassion. Volunteering together makes your family and community stronger. If you are looking for opportunities, the entire family can do together, keep reading. Below is a list of organizations that welcome volunteers. Check them out and get involved!

Ronald McDonald House

This location provides a place for the families who are caring for their critically injured or ill children who are staying in a local hospital.

Age Preference: 15 years and up (or 10 & up accompanied by an adult)

Volunteering opportunities include:

  • Meal prep for the families.

  • Organizing a craft,

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Kids Going Back to School

The first day of school is right around the corner. Help your child get ready and in a routine for a smooth transition from summer break to back-to-school. Having a smooth morning sets the tone for the day. Need tips on how to get your child on a back-to-school routine? Keep reading. Below, we’ve gathered some helpful tips to help your child get ready for the school day.

Prepare the night before: Get everything you need together the night before; Such as clothes, signed papers, and school supplies. Don’t forget bookbags and lunch boxes should be packed and ready for a quick grab-and-go.

Start bedtime early: During the summer, bedtimes are usually a lot more lenient. It can be difficult for kids to suddenly have to adapt to a set bedtime

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Swimming Gear

It’s not too late to get to swimming! You can still combat the heat by taking a dip in a nice cool pool. If you are looking for somewhere to swim, check out our comprehensive list of pools that are open to anyone who enjoys lounging poolside. 

Aiken County Recreation Center Pool

The Aiken County Recreation Center Pool located off of Aiken/Augusta Hwy in Graniteville. The pool is fully upgraded with lots of cool features. It is now completely fenced-in with a nearby playground.

The Kroc Center of Augusta

The Kroc Center of Augusta is a fun indoor pool that you will love. The indoor water park has it all: lazy river, a hot tub, lap lanes, a splash pad, and a 180 ft enclosed slide!

Henry H Brigham Center

Henry H. Brigham is an

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Augusta Neighborhood

The CSRA is mostly a car-dependent city; as a result, the demand for walkable neighborhoods has increased over the years. As the population of Augusta is expecting to grow, the idea of finding walkable areas is becoming more desirable. If you are considering moving to the Augusta area and the idea of walking to shops, restaurants, and events is preferable, then read on! Below are just a few walkable neighborhoods in the Augusta area where you will find homes in all price ranges.

Downtown Augusta

Made up of historic homes, apartments, and art, downtown Augusta is our most walkable area. Local businesses, gift shops, and restaurants line Broad and Greene Street, and most shopping and events are easily accessible by foot. Once more, public

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Summer on the Beach

There’s always something to do in Augusta, especially throughout the summer months. Our region hosts special events and offers many activities and there is something for everyone. This summer, learn something new or try a different local restaurant or shop. And, don’t miss these must-do summer activities that are listed below.

Enjoy a day at the Lake.  Bring your loved ones for a fun day at the lake and don’t forget the sunscreen!

Clarks Hill Lake Pack a picnic and head down to one of CSRA’s public lakes. Nothing cools you off better, like a dip in freshwater. Clarks Hill Lake has it all: swimming, camping grounds, picnic areas, boat, and ski rentals, and parks.

Richardson Lake Richardson’s Lake is the perfect escape close to home. This small

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Getting Security Deposit Back

1. Review Your Rental Agreement

Before your lease is up, review your rental agreement again. Reviewing your lease agreement will help you understand your responsibility as the tenant. Your rental agreement will list your obligations to the property. Adhering to your obligations will put you in a suitable position to get your security deposit back after you move. 

2. Give Proper Notice to Move-Out

Review your lease on move-out requirements. Typically, you will need to give your landlord a 30-day notice from the date you plan to move out. In most cases, your notice will be in writing (or email). Failing to give your landlord proper notice could cost you your deposit plus additional fees.

Tip: About a month before you move out, ask your

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Wish List

House hunting is fun, but sometimes the search can be overwhelming. Before you begin your hunt for the perfect home, start by creating your wishlist. Your wishlist will serve as a helpful guideline while you are shopping. First, consider all of your requirements and categorize them into three parts: needs, wants, and wishes. Refer to your wishlist during your home search to help you determine what type of home will best fit your lifestyle and budget. While certain features like a fireplace and a pool may be desirable, you’ll also want to include these essential factors listed below to that wishlist.

Where do you want to live?

With your budget in mind, consider affordable areas and neighborhoods that you would like to search for a home. Think

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