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A group of kids running to the school main entrance


The first day of school is right around the corner. Help your child get ready and in a routine for a smooth transition from summer break to back to school. Having a smooth morning sets the tone for the day. Need tips on how to get your child on a back-to-school routine? Keep reading. 

Below, we’ve gathered some helpful tips to help your child get ready for the school day.

Attend School Orientation: Attending orientation sessions helps your child to become familiar with the school, their new classroom, and an opportunity to bond with their new teachers. Helping your child become familiar with their new surroundings helps them prepare mentally for the first day of school.


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People getting ready to graduate school


If your child is a high school student and you both have determined that college is the right path for their career goals, then there are a few steps you will want your student to take to help them prepare.

Sign up for prep courses. Most CSRA high schools offer prep courses that prepare students for their future educational goals as college students. Today, students have the chance to explore and pursue a wide variety of interests and begin figuring out what their career goals are while they are still in high school.

Students who want to take on college prep courses should consider the steps below:

  • Meet with HS guidance counselors. The guidance counselor will advise on what classes to take

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 A pair of keys exchanging to another person's hand


It’s true, there are plenty of real estate agents that are vying for your business. So, how do you choose the right agent? A good real estate agent will be your guide through the entire buying/selling process so, when choosing a real estate professional, you will want to pick an agent based on your specific needs. Decide on what qualities are most important to you in an agent and seek out those attributes in your candidates. 

Not only will you want an agent that meets your requirements but you will want to choose an agent from a reputable brokerage. Why? Because a good broker gives agents instant credibility. A good reputable broker will have standards that agents have to adhere to and

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