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Holiday Decor

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, it’s time to drag out the wreaths, trim and decorate the Christmas tree and deck our homes for the holidays. There are so many ways to celebrate the season, but one of the best ways is to spend time with family and friends. Getting your home ready for the holidays can be fun and daunting, but don’t worry, here are 8 simple steps that can get your space ready in no time.

  1. Clean and Declutter:  First things first!  Before decorating for the holidays,  a quick clean up is all it takes.  Begin with making piles of for sale items, trash, and charitable items to make room for decorations, overnight guests and new gifts.  A nice, clean, and clutter-free space is an easy way to create an inviting home. 

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Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving, also known as “Turkey Day”  is a national holiday where friends and family gather around the dining room table to give thanks over a bountiful harvest of turkey, dressing and lots of delectable sides.

Most of us have our own Thanksgiving traditions which mimics the way our family did it or the way our extended family celebrated; while each family tradition may vary, it usually circles back to reflecting on what we are grateful for over a big meal shared with our loved ones.

We asked some of our agents to share what some of their Thanksgiving traditions were and their answers are below:

Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade


Agent: Diane Smith


Having Way Too Many Desserts

Agent: Jason McFadden


Cooking the Meats, Kids Bring the Sides

Agent: Myra Calhoun


Spending Time with Family

Agent: Pat Goodwin


Taking Christmas Card Photos with Dogs


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For over 29 years, The Golden Harvest Food Bank has partnered with the community to tackle hunger by providing food items and resources to families in need. In October, Blanchard and Calhoun rallied the agents, staff, family and friends to bring in Peanut Butter and Jelly to donate to the Spooky To Be Hungry campaign sponsored by The Golden Harvest Food Bank. Together, we collected over 1,239 lbs of PB&J! To make things more interesting, we held a contest to see which B&C office could bring in the most donations and then arrange those food items into a fun display.

 How did we do?

Golden Harvest Food Bank

 After the weigh-in, here’s how each office performed:

  • Corporate Office           347 lbs

  • Evans location               160 lbs

  • Augusta

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Home Exterior in the Winter

Cooler temperatures bring changes to our homes and, consequently, our heating bill. Cold days are coming and you don’t want to wait until temperatures drop to prepare for winter. Now is the time to begin weatherproofing your home. And, if you are not sure where to begin, just keep reading! 

Below we have put together a comprehensive list of tasks to help you prepare and protect your home for winter. 

Inspect Your Heating Service:  Don’t wait for it to get cold to discover your heating system is not working.  Once the cold weather hits, HVAC service providers will start to book up, and it could take days before someone can come out to service your heater.  Switch your thermostat from cool to heat; wait a few minutes- then check to see if there is

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