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Wish List

House hunting is fun, but sometimes the search can be overwhelming. Before you begin your hunt for the perfect home, start by creating your wishlist. Your wishlist will serve as a helpful guideline while you are shopping. First, consider all of your requirements and categorize them into three parts: needs, wants, and wishes. Refer to your wishlist during your home search to help you determine what type of home will best fit your lifestyle and budget. While certain features like a fireplace and a pool may be desirable, you’ll also want to include these essential factors listed below to that wishlist.

Where do you want to live?

With your budget in mind, consider affordable areas and neighborhoods that you would like to search for a home. Think

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Augusta Mortgage Company

 Thinking about refinancing your current mortgage loan? Whether you are trying to lower your monthly payments, looking for an alternative loan type or term, or need funding for a renovation project, there are many reasons to refinance. If you have thought about refinancing but not sure where to begin, keep reading. Below we will discuss what refinancing is, what you need to know, and when the best time to refinance your home loan.

What is mortgage refinancing? Refinancing, in simple terms, means to swap out your current loan for a new one. Most people refinance their home to reduce the interest rate, monthly payment or to withdraw from their home’s equity. Others may refinance to pay off their home faster or find another loan term that is more

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Well Landscaped Yard

As a homeowner, you would probably love your home to be the highlight of the neighborhood, standing out in elegance to all people that pass by. The power of good curb appeal doesn't just lie in its ability to spark pride and joy. Investing in landscaping for curb appeal raises the value of your property while also increasing the chances of landing a sale should you decide to contact a real estate agent and put it on the market. Potential buyers are far more likely to visit a home that looks great on the outside. So here are five things you can do to increase the curb appeal of your property!

  1. Landscaping for curb appeal should include a feature.

If your yard was a dinner table, think of a landscape feature as the centerpiece. It's

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