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The HEROES program, formerly known as Military On The Move (MOM), is a real estate rebate program designed to honor all of our workforce heroes. As an appreciation for your service to our community, we have launched a new program that provides rebates and discounts for our heroes that are buying or selling their home. 

Who Qualifies As a Hero?  Workforce Heroes include but are not limited to:

  • Members of the military

  • Veterans

  • Doctors

  • Nurses

  • First Responders (firefighters, police offices, EMT)

Please consult with your local real estate expert to determine eligibility.

How Does It Work?  The process is simple, if you are a buyer or seller Hero, simply enroll into the Heroes Rebate program. All

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Blanchard & Calhoun with Award

Every year, United Way recognizes organizations and individual donors with the Spirit Award. Award winners are those who have teamed up with UW to collect funds to help the community. In March, Blanchard and Calhoun were acknowledged as not only donors but for exemplifying the “spirit” of the community. And we are truly honored to accept such an award.

We know that it’s important to step up and make a difference where we live. And our acts of love did not go unnoticed. In 2021, Blanchard and Calhoun agents and staff raised $20,000! United Way uses these contributions toward programs that help locals find jobs, transportation, housing, childcare, food, and more.

How did we do it? There are many ways to raise money to help their cause of helping

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Property Management Team at Blanchard & Calhoun

Owning rental property can be both financially rewarding and overwhelming. This is why hiring a property manager to handle your rental can be so beneficial. Not only does a property manager work hard to maximize your profit, but they also take care of your property and tenants. If you own a rental property and do not have the time (or patience) to market your property, search for qualifying renters, collect rent, handle maintenance and repair issues, responding to tenant complaints or even pursue evictions, hiring a property manager could be a great fit for you.   

“We work hard to bridge the relationship between tenant and homeowner, to advise the homeowners of their duties and to hold the tenants accountable for their responsibilities. We

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Golf in Augusta Georgia

Are you renting your house out for tournament week? Renting your home during the tournament week can be rewarding financially but it doesn’t come without a lot of work and preparation. Once you’ve found the perfect renter, there are some preparations you will want to take before welcoming guests. Below are 10 suggestions to help you get started.

  1. Clean Home: You will want to make sure your home is spic and span before guests arrive. You can follow this rental checklist as a guide to help you get prepared. Not much of a cleaner? Hire a professional! 

  2. Yard Maintenance: Be sure to clean up the front yard by removing debris and hiding tools or toys. Mowing the grass, sweeping the porch, pruning back bushes, pressure washing the

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Happy St. Patrick's Day from Blanchard & Calhoun


Did you know that St. Patrick’s Day started as a religious holiday? As a matter of fact, St. Patrick wasn’t Irish at all. The history of St. Paddy’s day dates back to hundreds of years and the modernized American version is actually very different from how it was originally celebrated.

St. Patrick was born in Roman Britain, at the age of 16 he was kidnapped and taken to Ireland to become a slave. He eventually escaped and went back to Britain, converted to Christianity then came back to Ireland to share the gospel, using the Shamrock to explain the Trinity. By the time of his death, March 17, 461, he was known for his good deeds and charitable works. Ireland came to celebrate St. Patrick with religious service and feasts every 17th of

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Real Estate Market Trends

With homes currently in high demand there is no denying it, it is a seller’s market.  A seller’s market occurs when there are more buyers than there are properties. You can determine if it’s a seller’s or buyer’s market by asking your agent or going online to look at the number of homes that are selling in your area. Listing your home in a Seller’s market is definitely advantageous to you because not only will your property most likely sell faster, but you are likely to receive multiple offers which could drive up the purchase price.

 Buyer’s shouldn’t get discouraged though. While the market is competitive there are still some strategies buyers can take to put themselves ahead of the competition.

“There is no better time to buy a home than

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Quality vs. Quantity

For over 100 years, Blanchard and Calhoun Real Estate has been one of the top real estate brokerages in the CSRA and the 4th oldest family-owned real estate company in the country. The formula for our success is simple but profound: Quality over Quantity. At Blanchard and Calhoun, we believe that cultivating strong, long-lasting relationships is the lifeline of our business. For this reason, our staff and professionals adhere to a strict code of ethics. We operate on core values of honesty, trust, and loyalty, while providing tailored services to meet our clients’ needs. We truly value our relationships and we are always grateful for our client’s business. We are not just a corporation, we are your neighbor and our clients are our family.  

Did you

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Going to College in Augusta Georgia

Augusta, GA is home to many public and private colleges attracting students from all around the world. Each has its own strengths and offers a varied selection of educational programs. Combined, there are over 100 degree programs aligned to real-world occupations. 

Here is a glance at colleges and universities around Augusta.

Augusta Technical College: Augusta Technical College offers 100+ Credit Programs of Study, Non-Credit Industry Training, and Adult Education preparation. ATC is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award Associate Degrees, Diplomas, and Technical Certificates of Credit.

Augusta University: The Board of Regents defines Augusta University as Georgia's

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Real Estate Market Absorption Rates

 The absorption rate provides insight into the real estate market letting us know the rate at which homes sell in an area over a period of time. In most cases, an absorption rate above 20% is associated with a seller’s market and an absorption rate below 15% is an indicator of a buyer’s market.  Typically, you would calculate the supply over a specific period to access these sales trends.

Why are absorption rates important? Real Estate Professionals will consider the absorption rate when determining a listing price. If the absorption rate has increased, this means that there is a good demand and smaller supply. If the absorption rate has slowed then that means the supply is great, and the competition is higher, therefore, this may justify a

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Best Dining Spots for a Romantic Dinner

Hey, you love birds, it’s that time of year again-Valentine’s Day! If you are looking to wine and dine your sweetheart, we know where some of the most romantic places are for a perfect Valentine’s dinner. From shareable appetizers to gourmet dishes, these local dining spots offer delectable menus-making them a desirable pick for date night. 

So, In the spirit of love and food, we have compiled a list of our agent’s favorite romantic restaurants and dropped them down below.


Agent: Debra Spencer

Recommendation: Frog Hollow; Abel Brown


Agent: Joan Steinberg

Recommendation: Calvert’s Restaurant


Agent: Pat Goodwin

Recommendation: Cadwalladers Cafe

Agent: Amanda Latham

Recommendation: Becks

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