Kalista Cave, Sales Associate

Kalista Cave

Sales Associate

Kalista Cave is the areas full-time residential expert, and your go to for just about everything local. As a licensed sales associate she provides quality service to both home buyers and sellers alike. She is a military spouse, a mother of two and a college graduate. In being a military spouse she and her family have transitioned many times and are no strangers to a successful commute.

Clients are often drawn to Kalista because of her remarkable work ethics and undeniable appeal to care for your family's needs. She has an incredible amount of patience only matched by her creativity and ability to think outside the box. Her clients are medical, corporate, military, government, sales, legal, educators, family, friends, they are you!

Her strong suits are contract negotiation, marketing, and constant follow through. In having more sales experience than the typical 20 year real estate vet Kalista's knowledge of the market and network is superior. It consists of top Better Business Bureaus professionals such as: Bankers/Loan Officers, Attorneys, Interior Designers, Cleaning Services, Home Improvement/Repair, Inspectors, Appraisers, Party Planners, Professional Photographers, really anyone you may need. All focused on taking you through a successful sales transaction from start to finish!

She is constantly referred and has quickly become a household name. Kalista often goes by Kali, because people instantly adapt to that name. She'll often refer to her hashtag #SmartPeopleUseKali which stems from her client's abilities to quickly think on their toes. In teaming up with Kali her buyers buy cheaper and her sellers sell for more.

Look no further because Kalista is here to dominate, excite and excel!

Contact Kalista

Cell Phone 706-251-3304
Office Phone 706-863-8953
Office Address 601 Scott Nixon Memorial Drive, Augusta, Georgia, 30907

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