North Augusta Real Estate

North Augusta Real Estate

In 1902, James U. Jackson, developed the plans for 600 acres that would make up the new town. He hired the best designers from New York to design this new town--North Augusta. Critics in Augusta told him that, since the Fifth Street bridge would be the only access to the town and people would have to travel through the slums of what remained of Hamburg to get to the new town, nobody would be interested in going there. James Jackson was a visionary and continued to pursue the vision he had for the town. He traveled to New York to get financial backing and built a new bridge to North Augusta--the Thirteenth Street/Georgia Avenue bridge. The town of North Augusta became a reality and was incorporated in 1906.

The original land area was approximately 722 acres. In 1951, the City held a referendum and extended its boundaries to an area of 5,139 acres. Since 1951, the City has annexed over 6,000 acres, bringing the total land area to approximately 19.5 square miles. North Augusta is located in Aiken County in the southwestern portion of South Carolina and 67 miles west of Columbia, the State capitol. The Savannah River forms the State line between South Carolina and Georgia. The City’s nearest neighbor is Augusta, Georgia, located just across the Savannah River.

The North Augusta Greeneway, known to most citizens as the Greeneway, was named after former Mayor Thomas W. Greene (1985-1997). The Greeneway is a 7+ mile paved recreational trail that follows an abandoned railroad right of way purchased by the city in 1988. The Greeneway meanders throughout the city and many of its neighborhoods. The general public may access the Greeneway at three locations. The Greeneway is open from dawn to dusk and is regularly patrolled by the Department of Public Safety.

The population in the North Augusta Real Estate area has grown over the years, 1950 the city of North Augusta had 3659 Residents today it has well over 19,000. Aiken county had 53,157 Residents in the 50's compared that today and the total is over 150,000. There are approximately 70 manufacturing firms in Aiken County, with an average monthly manufacturing employment of approximately 24,000 workers. Principal manufactured products include materials for nuclear power, glass fibers, cotton and yarn goods, re-fabricated railway cars, concrete products, fabricated steel pipes and tanks, paper products, disposable diapers, bread products, printing and publishing products, electrical wiring devices, and clothing.

Fluor Daniel has become the management and operating contractor at Savannah River Site which will become the largest employer in the North Augusta Real Estate and Aiken County area.

The Climate in the North Augusta Real Estate area is great with average temperature around 64 degrees. This helps with our Golf enthusiasts. The River Club golf course is one of the areas best along with North Augusta Country Club.

The North Augusta Real Estate and Aiken county area housing has flourished for years. The moderate prices of the homes in the area help keep the Real estate market healthy.

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