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5 Ways to Attract Millennial Home Buyers

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*Parts of this post were taken from : 5 Actionable Ways to Attract Millennial Home Buyers

Posted on Sep 8 2017 – 10:12am by Housecall

By Maricel Tabalba

Millennials are the new breed of homebuyers.  Knowing what they want and understanding what they are looking for is key to selling to this generation.

Highlight the Flexibility of Open Spaces

There’s one thing for sure, millennials are indecisive. They love to travel and are used to doing what they want – when they want.  They want the flexibility of space within the home.  The extra room can be an office, a guest room or a nursery.  Whatever or whenever the need arises.  This day in age, it’s also a possibility to advertise that space on

Sell the Potential of Genuine Fixer-uppers

Many millennials are coming out of college with debt and entering the worforce with lower –paying jobs so therefore, they are often constrained with lending issues and a limited budget.

But, the good news is they often don’t want to enter the market with a high risk of a big home or fancy things. They want flexibility within their space and extra money to do what they want.  It is appealing to this group is the possibility of a fixer-upper.  We can all thank the highly rated HGTV series for that! They make it look so easy. 

Balance Eco-friendly Features With Home Automation

If you want to catch the attention of the growing Millennial market, showcase how eco-friendly and smart the property is (or can be)! Be sure that a high-speed internet connection is available, and if not, research an alternative. Exchange appliances that are not energy efficient for ones with smart features. Being green is just as important, so consider advising the seller to invest in solar panels. Also, be ready to show off the outdoor living and gardening space.

Voice-recognized smart home devices from major tech companies are taking over home features. Demonstrate ways that the home can be fully automated with the right products and efforts. Consider featuring safety devices like security cameras or doorbell cameras that are tied into a smartphone app. Smart thermostats are becoming the norm as well, even in rented spaces.

Focus on the Convenience of the Location

The trend for millennial buyers are good neighborhoods that are close to everything – walkability is key.  They don’t tend to have traditional 9-5 jobs and often want things delivered such as groceries and meals. 

If they are forced into the suburbs because of money or commute, travel times and fastest routes will definitely come into the house hunting decision making. 

Assure the Simplicity of It All

Millennials pride themselves in not wanting to “adult.” Growing up, they weren’t involved in home projects outside of routine chores and many are often not concerned with home skills that were once considered common. Draw Millennials in with properties that come with amenities such as lawn maintenance or consolidated billing, but do avoid demanding Homeowners Associations. Update exterior features that require regular maintenance (a shingle roof to a metal roof, for example).

Prepare your buyers with the knowledge that will give them the confidence to close. Have a website or print-out of information that will let them know what to expect in terms of processes and costs of services related to purchasing a home. Millennials will close much more readily when they understand the system.

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